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Ways you can get involved with World Largest Advisory!


Become our user, ask and answer questions for free by exchange energys of knowledge!

Become and Ambassador of World Largest Advisory, work for us and spread the word aronud the world. Become a part of global peace trough online colaboration that unites minds and exchange of knowledge.

Participate in World Largest Advisory and help people to find the help they need.

Bring World Largest Advisory to your community and locate a campaign in your area.

Become a Volunteer from your own home and help people with your knowledge. And get Internship.


Send your comments, stories and trust me your problems.


You want to become a Voluneer. Skills and Qualifications of Wla Volunteer:


1. Strong commitment to the mission of World Largest Advisory

2. Excellent werbal, written and interpersonal communication skills including experience of writing articles, grand proposals and reports.

3. Minimum of one year expperience directing multi-source development efforts in non - profit organization.

4. You have to be an innovative strategic thinker with demonstrated success in the creation and implementation of development plans and strategies.

5. Experience and track record in designing and leading efforts to raise funds from fundations and individuals, including personally soliciting donors.

6. You need proven ability to interact with donors and other departments in a thoughtful, professional, diplomatic and enthusiastic manner.

7. Experience in designing and managing fund raising events.

8. A strong manager skills with a focus on producing results.

9. Excellent planning and organization skills and attention to detail.

10. You need high level computer and database skills.

11. you have to have public broadcasting experiences, and good publication and web site design ability experiences.

12. Energetic, organized, a team player, a roll up your sleeves and do what you need kid of person with a sence of humor who is comfortable working in fast placed setting with shifting and multiple priorities.

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