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Terms of Use Web service

Web service manager of is Association KLUOAK, which appears in the UE Kranj, no. reg. enrollment: 453, no. decision 317-105-03-0520/2008 on 25.07.2006, hereinafter referred to as the Association KLUOAK

Intellectual Property

All content Web service is copyright protected legally as individual creations or as a database. The protection covers the particular data, text, multimedia content, software, and HTML, java and flash, and other code. Copyright proprietary content may be used solely for personal, non-commercial purposes, insofar as they use each method is not prohibited by these rules of use or applicable international law.

KLUOAK Association is committed to will strive to make the entire contents of the web service WLA high with high quality, continuously accessible, legal and up to date and that does not contain illegal or immoral elements, and not due to any viruses, similar factors, which could harm the network infrastructure

We reserve the right at any time for any reason and for any length of time, without notice, terminate the provision of web service WLA if it considers it necessary.

Limitation of liability in these rules of application is provided in accordance with applicable international law. In the case of non-compliance with such limitation of liability, in which they extent permitted by applicable law.

Amendment of Terms of Use

We reserve the right to amend these terms of use, if it deems it necessary. The revised terms of use are from the publication on the website and apply for an individual user's acceptance of these new conditions.

KLUOAK Assosination, June 21 2011