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Posted on July 11, 2011 by worldslargestadvisory


The owner of the greatest idea for setting up a virtual free counseling by the “man to man” system based on personal experience, academic knowledge or profession of each individual is Sanela Stadler  graduate student of Management and organization and M. Sc.  of  international and diplomatic studies.

World Largest advisory has been created in order to give a chance to every person to become a creator of its own life with a simple advice advice based on my knowledge and experiences. The website aims to empower people to give donations in exchange of advice.

World Largest Advisory – WLA is interactive information web service that provide solid, helpful and objective advice to those who need guidance.  My mission statement is to make advice information accessible to all people. I will find all answers to all your question no matter where you are, or how big your question is. I will be your answer and your key to your success. I will share everything I have learned in life time experience to each one of you. No matter what your problem is, if you find me in this digital world you will get your answer. I will be hire when you need me, I am just click away, I am your friend, and I will help you make the impossible possible. I see trough your problem and let me be your solution.

I will  provide you direct and candid guidance to what a person needs when a question appears.  If you are thinking about asking a question or need my advice I am here to provide you with my  service.

The entire project is done through a non-profit organizations.

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